My experience working with CPR A/C was great. Chuck is very professional, knowledgeable, honest, and was able to diagnose and fix the problem right away. Also, he was very open to explain all the options, the pros and cons, cost vs. value, what to expect now and later... He went the extra mile in every way possible to help us get out from this insane Houston summer heat.
The price was reasonable and I got lots of discount but I'll be honest. I didn't call many different companies to shop for pricing so can't speak about if cheaper or more expensive than others. Also, it is hard to compare apple to apple. However, I can say that "I feel like every dollar I paid for was worth". Quality, service, professionalism, timing, result after fix, following up and checking on how A/C is running, and may other things Chuck did tells you about how much he cares about his customers. I plan to call CPR A/C for all upcoming issues (my 2 units are 11+ years old).


Chuck showed up with minutes of our call. He had our system running literally within a minute. Knowledge is power.

Built By John Henry

Repair was completed very fast.

Tina Spence

My AC unit has been working perfectly...But this afternoon it stopped cooling. I called CPR about 7:45 PM and they offer after hours service at a reasonable price...The technician Chuck arrived within 35 minutes diagnosed the problem and fixed it in half an hour at a reasonable price...He was very professional and happy to help...AC issues call them for an excellent experience

Ramona Osburn

Sunday my AC was not cooling, A friend told me to call CPR and I called to schedule an appointment, expecting it to be a couple of days and they showed up 4 hours after I called. Mr Chuck quickly assessed the problem, repaired it and gave me a few tips on how to maintain my ac during these hot summer months, and told me that it would save me a cost of another visit if I followed his tips. I would highly recommend CPR, very knowledgeable and quick to fix, and didn't price gauge me. Thank you CPR you have a customer for life.

Shana Boyle

We used Chuck in 2019. He did a fantastic job with our AC units. We were told by a company we had used for years that we needed new units and coils. NOT TRUE! I would highly recommend CPR! They do great work honestly!

Moose Rosenfeld

Chuck has been my go to a/c man for over 20 years. He is a walking encyclopedia on everything about a/c, is fair, efficient, and fast.
My old unit went out on a Sunday afternoon. I called Chuck, he came out in about an hour, the old unit was shot.
He had a new unit installed up and running in less than 20 hours from my initial call. I would recommend him unreservedly and without hesitation.

Jack Waldhelm

Chuck with CPR Air Conditioning & Heating has done repairs on my system 2x! He is a champion when it comes to doing repairs timely and only what is necessary! Saved me more than $3,000 from another company who wanted to do more than necessary.

Deb Conrad

We've been using CPR Air for 25+ years now. Chuck has always been quick to take care of us and looks for the best value solution to our needs. And if it's an emergency, he's right there. We've had 3 different houses in this time and Chuck has helped resolve AC and heating issues with each. Wouldn't go to anyone else.

Blake H.

This company did a spectacular job at giving us comprehensive information about various options for replacing a worn out air conditioning system and explaining the pluses and minuses. They did a great job at installing the new system-and hauling away the old one. Very pleasant, reasonable and professional.

Susan B.

I have used CPR for 20+ years. Chuck has always been incredibly honest and able to fix any issue. He doesn't ask you to buy something if it can be repaired. I have also recommended him to several people and they still use him to do this day. I've trusted my AC to him all these years for a reason. He is responsive and gets it repaired at a fair cost.

Lyn Stewart

Late on a Sunday evening, my wife and I realized that our AC unit had failed. Not knowing who to call - and wanting someone to come out that evening - I went online and called the first business I found who would come out that evening (This was NOT CPR Air). A short time later, the person showed up, inspected my AC informed me that I had a locked compressor and overheated condenser fan motor. This person said I needed a start kit and capacitor parts; totaling $580, however he thought I MIGHT also need a condenser motor. He even said he had ;not seen anything like this suggesting that the unit might have been hit by some type of electrical surge. He also wasn't sure how long the repair would last, so I requested a quote on an entirely new unit. (Keep in mind, this unit is less than 8 years old.) It was hot - I just wanted the AC fixed - however the person didn't have the parts on the truck to properly fix the unit. Knowing we would have to wait until morning, my wife suggested we get a 2nd opinion. Remembering that a family member knew someone in the business, I called and got CPR Air's phone number. I called just after 7:00am and Chuck answered the phone. I described the issue to him and almost immediately, he thought he knew what was wrong. In just a few hours, Chuck was at my home and fixed the unit very fast. As he thought - it was NOT what the other company's person said was wrong... the unit only needed a starter. Net-Net.... even though Chuck knew I was prepared to spend a considerable amount MORE, he was honest and completely transparent with me and saved me (at least) several hundred dollars. It's also worth nothing that while CPR Air is in Sugar Land, I'm near Cypress... so don't let distance keep you from calling. These guys are GOOD - they know what they are doing and will be completely upfront with you.

John-Paul C.